Characteristics of Dry-hot, Wet-hot and Dry-cold Processes in Plywood Production

Characteristics of Dry-hot, Wet-hot and Dry-cold Processes in Plywood Production

The production methods of plywood are generally divided into wet-heat method, dry-cold method and dry-heat method.

Dry and wet means whether the veneer used in glue pressing is dry veneer or wet veneer. Cold and hot means hot pressing or cold pressing.

The disadvantage of hydrothermal production is that the veneer has high moisture content, so the hot pressing time is long and the productivity is low. After hot pressing, the plywood must be dried. Because it is a plate produced by hydrothermal method, the internal stress is large, it is easy to warp and deform, and the bonding strength is low.

The disadvantage of dry-cold production is that the production cycle of plywood is long because of the long time of pressurization. It is more suitable for the production of small enterprises.

Dry-hot production: The veneer is dried by rotary cutting, so that the moisture content of veneer is in the range of 8-12% and the blank is glued and pressed into a plate in a hot press.

The characteristics of this process are as follows:

Because it is high temperature bonding, it has short time, large output, high bonding strength and good product quality.

The surface of the plate is smooth and smooth, and it is not easy to deform.

It is suitable for the production of various types of adhesives.

This method overcomes the shortcomings of wet-heat method and dry-cold method. Production is more flexible, large, medium and small enterprises can produce, the products produced are more suitable for the needs of the market, therefore, at present, the plywood produced by domestic and foreign enterprises is commonly produced by dry-heat method.

Manufacturing Process of Veneer and Plywood


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