Characteristics of LVL laminated veneer

Characteristics of LVL laminated veneer

The production process of LVL veneer laminated wood is basically the same as that of plywood. LVL veneer laminated wood is made of veneer laminated blanks along the grain direction. It is a product processed for the purpose of replacing sawn wood. LVL veneer laminated wood has the following four characteristics:

LVL laminated veneer

1. Uniform structure and good dimensional stability. The laminated structure of veneer laminates greatly reduces the possibility of warping and torsion defects. It has good stability and small deformation.

2. Production and application can be standardized and serialized. In the production process, veneers are graded according to certain standards, and products with different quality standards are produced.

3. High strength. LVL veneer laminated wood is a building material with high strength-weight ratio, which is superior to steel. The change rate of mechanical properties of sawn timber is generally more than 30%, while the change rate of strength of LVL is generally less than 12%. Therefore, LVL has uniform structural characteristics and high reliability.

4. It has high economy and no special requirement for raw materials. It can use fast-growing wood, small-diameter wood and short-sized wood as raw materials. The economy of laminated veneer lumber is mainly reflected in the value-added effect of superior use of inferior timber and large use of small timber. It can be laminated with wood of different species and quality without removing knots and other defects. Compared with laminated wood, it can increase the yield by more than twice.

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