Check the veneer when the thickness of veneer is not uniform

Check the veneer when the thickness of veneer is not uniform

China Rotary cutting machine is the main equipment for plywood production. The veneer made by rotary cutting machine and processed by people can become the board for furniture production. But sometimes the thickness of the skin of rotary cutting machine is uneven, which affects the quality of the board. When the thickness of the veneer is uneven, the venness of the veneer should be checked.

1. Measure whether the size of the two ends of the wood core is the same. If the same, it is caused by the inconsistency of the knife seam of the rotary knife. If the tail plate is thin, the height of the knife will be slightly higher, which is 0.2 mm less than the actual thickness of the rotary cutting. If it is tail coil, the knife height should be slightly lowered, which is also 0.2 mm thickness difference from the actual requirements.

2. We need to check whether the doors are too big or too small.

3. It is the reason of the knife bed that the knife feeding is uneven.

4. We are checking whether the single stick is concentric. We can observe whether the clearance between the single hob and the cutter changes again in the operation of the machine. Normally, we can not see any change.

Above are several aspects that should be checked when the thickness of the veneer is not uniform. So when we use veneer  , we need not rush or repair the machine blindly. The above aspects can be checked to see if the thickness of the sheet caused by the above aspects is uneven.

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