China Becomes Japan’s Largest Wood Importer

China Becomes Japan’s Largest Wood Importer

We have been fooled for a long time by a rumor that China is the world’s largest exporter of disposable chopsticks and Japan is the largest importer. Many people are convinced that the Japanese are very protective of the environment and never cut down their own forest resources. But this passage is full of loopholes: which loser would use good solid wood to make disposable chopsticks?

China is indeed the world’s largest producer and consumer of disposable chopsticks, but disposable chopsticks will not destroy forests, but can also play a protective role. The main raw materials for disposable chopsticks are fast-growing poplar, bamboo and leftovers. Market stimulation will promote more land conversion to forests and achieve the purpose of soil and water conservation. A while ago, NASA announced that the planet had added 5% of its green space, equivalent to a whole Amazon rainforest, and one fourth of that was due to China.

Forty-two percent of the new green area in China comes from afforestation. That is to say, in the past 20 years, we have not only achieved rapid economic growth, but also handily protected the environment. In this regard, foreign netizens said sourly, that is because China has painted the roofs of the whole country green. However, the fact that China’s forest area increase is the largest in the world can not be concealed, and it also exceeds the total forest increase of all other countries.

_And Japan, our neighbour, which we have always been close to, is in great anxiety. According to the latest data, Japan’s timber exports exceeded 35 billion yen in 2018, the highest in 41 years, of which 15.8 billion yen was contributed by China, and 40% of Japan’s timber exports went to the Chinese market.

Seeing here, we can see that China is not only not exporting timber to Japan, but also Japan’s largest importer of timber. As a result, China’s greening area has increased, while Japan’s forests have declined. As early as 2015, China banned commercial logging of natural trees and transferred the market gap to Japan. Of course, the Japanese are not foolish. Cedar and Chinese fir are planted artificially, but it is not a good thing to sell them to China all the time. To this end, Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries launched a campaign to encourage the consumption of domestic timber in order to protect local forest resources.

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