China HDF Fiberboard for floor substrates

China HDF Fiberboard for floor substrates

1, scope

This standard specifies the definition, technical requirements, inspection rules, test methods, marking, packaging and transportation of fiberboard for floor substrates.

This standard is applicable to all kinds of fiberboard for floor materials.

2, definition

Fiberboard for flooring:

A board made of wood or other vegetable fibers by applying urea-formaldehyde resin or other synthetic materials under heating and pressure. Other suitable additives can be added to improve the properties of the board, which can meet the requirements of finishing and making the floor materials. Usually, the thickness is more than 5 cm and the density is more than 0.80 g/cm3. It is also called HDF.

3. Classification and Symbols

Table 1 Classification of fiberboard for floor substrates


Representation symbol

Applicable conditions

Scope of application

Ordinary pattern plate


Indoor drying

Bedroom, living room, office, meeting room, etc.


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