China Hexa Pattern Film faced plywood

China Hexa Pattern Film faced plywood

Exterior plywood both sides (or one sidedly agreed with Customer) covered with phenolic or melamine foil, on which the hexa pattern is imprinted. Thanks to that board is anti-slip and has interesting visual effect. Foil covered surface protect board against moisture and increases resistance to mechanical damage, abrasion and atmospheric conditions. The term ‘waterproof’ refers to a glue joint which is resistant to water influence while the wood is higroscopic and can swelling and shrinking.

Hexa Film faced plywood is a premium exterior and interior grade  plywood with a smooth Dark-Brown Phenolic film on the back and an embossed Hexa-pattern Phenolic film on the front face. Hexa is ideal for many applications including Stages, Wheel-chair access ramps, Road Cases, Architectural joinery and Industrial Furniture.

  • Usage 


    • platforms
    • scaffoldings
    • transport industry (vehicle floors, trailers)
    • playgrounds
    • stages
    Raw metarial of hexa plywood production
    • Poplar,hardwood ,deciduous (birch, alder), coniferous (spruce, pine)
    • waterproof glue based on phenolformaldehyde resin
    • phenolic or melamine film:
      – density: 80/220 g/m² or other agreed with Customer
      – colour: grey, brown cover or other agreed with Customer
    • Hexa imprint: one-sided or both sides
    Narrow edge protection
    • acrylic water-based paint, color: brown or other agreed with Customer
    Available standard formats
    • 9-40 mm or other agreed with Customer
    Dimensional tolerances
    Technical specifications
    • density
    • moisture
    • glue quality
    • formaldehyde emission
    Additional services
    • CNC machining
    • protect plywood against biological corrosion by adding fungicide
    • cut to smaller format
    • other agreed with Customer



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