China Plywood  Formaldehyde Emission Grade  Inspection  

China Plywood  Formaldehyde Emission Grade  Inspection

With the enhancement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, more and more consumers pay more attention to “green, healthy and environmental protection” products, which puts forward higher environmental protection requirements for wood-based panel enterprises. Continuous production of products to meet the needs of consumers is the vitality of enterprises and the magic weapon for enterprises to survive.

Each country or region has its own standards for environmental protection and different requirements for environmental protection. The United States has the standards of the United States such as CARB ,EPA . the European Union has the standards of the European Union, and China also has the national standards to regulate such as E2,E1,E0 . However, Japan’s f**** standard is currently recognized as the most stringent environmental protection standard in the world, with strong market credibility and high credibility.

Chinese wood-based panels enterprises can meet the most stringent f****standard of environmental protection. On the one hand, it shows that our industry is rapidly adjusting and upgrading, and eliminating backward capacity is the only way. On the other hand, it also shows that our plywood products are occupying the high-end and middle-end markets, and that China wants to have a voice in the world market and endorse China’s own products.

Chinese enterprises can reach the most stringent f**** standard of environmental protection grade, which not only brings a heavy brush to the Japanese market for the products produced by Chinese enterprises, but also plays a demonstration role in improving the environmental protection grade of Chinese wood-based panel products.

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