China White Birch UV plywood Part 1 : UV Paint

China White Birch UV plywood Part 1 : UV Paint

UV is the short name of Ultraviolet Curing Paint  .

UV coatings refer to coatings cured by UV radiation. UV curing coatings can be used in ink printing and exposed to UV radiation. Its solid content can be as high as 100%, so there is no volatile component without polluting the environment. High solid content can also be applied to very thin films. UV curing coatings can also be applied to coated glass and plastics, wood, aluminium beverage bottles and so on.

Ultraviolet light-curing paint, also known as photo-initiator paint, light-curing paint. Unlike PU, PE and NC paints, UV paints are named by curing method. It is automatically rolled and sprayed on the surface of furniture by machine and equipment. Under the irradiation of ultraviolet light (wavelength 320-390 nm), the initiator is decomposed, free radicals are generated, resin reaction is initiated, and instantaneous curing film is formed.

Another explanation of UV paint is ultraviolet curing coating. Unlike PU, PE and NC paint, UV paint is named after the curing method of paint. It is a kind of coating that can quickly cure into film in a few seconds under the irradiation of ultraviolet (UV).

Unlike PU paint, PE paint and NC paint commonly used in ordinary furniture enterprises, UV paint is truly green and environmentally friendly. It does not contain any volatile substances. The products produced by using UV paint are green, healthy and environmentally friendly.

1. In the production process, the harmful substances in the sheet are decomposed and dried by ultraviolet light curing machine, which makes the product healthier and more environmentally friendly.

2 UV paint film is three-dimensional structure, high hardness, good wear resistance, good transparency, scratch resistance, friction resistance, withstand the test of time.

3. Mechanized equipment overcomes the artificial factors in manual operation, so that the product color difference is small and the quality is stable.

UV paint is a widely used furniture paint, the main features are: after strong ultraviolet light curing treatment, color stability, lasting and new, effectively solve the door discoloration and color difference problem; door panels mirror flat effect is better, and the paint film is full without orange peel; is one of the world’s more environmentally friendly and healthy paint door panels; door panels hardness is twice that of other paint door panels, scratch resistance, acid and alkali resistance. It is not easy to deform.

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