China White Birch UV plywood Part 10 :Matte paint and Gloss Paint

China White Birch UV plywood Part 10 :Matte paint and Gloss Paint

Matte paint:

Matt varnish, also known as “matt varnish”, is a kind of paint.

Here The UV sheen sometimes we called Degree also ,so degree= sheen .

Matt and semi-gloss paints are mainly for the gloss of the paint film. Generally speaking, the gloss of semi-gloss paint should be between 40 and 60 degrees (60 degrees angle). The gloss of matte paint should be below 20 degrees (60 degrees). After brushing, semi-gloss paint film is more elegant and matte paint film has more texture. However, “matte paint” should be more commonly used, such as “supersonic” and “subsonic”, “matte paint” is characterized by a softer surface, a little foggy. The other is bright paint.

Gloss paint:

High gloss paint – a kind of paint product, which has many terms commonly known. Pu excellent paint, also known as two-component PU high gloss PU paint, is a commonly used product in spraying industry in recent 20 years. It is the same name as piano paint, UV paint and Pu excellent paint, and belongs to high gloss gold \ high gloss paint. Pure imported hydroxyacrylic acid, organic solvents, auxiliaries, TID curing agent were used. Crosslinking and curing were synthesized with agent A and agent B. Solvents A and B were separated.

1. Reflective effect

High gloss paint will produce strong reflection in practical use, which will interfere with people’s vision and cause visual fatigue; matte paint because of diffuse reflection, the visual effect is soft, will not stimulate the eyes. Therefore, the market of high-end furniture is generally used matte paint.

2. Glossiness

Dumb varnish is more dirty, dumb varnish is dark as a whole, high-gloss varnish is prone to scratches or local rain marks, it looks more beautiful. Matt paint is a kind of paint with a gloss of about 20, while high gloss paint is a kind of paint with bright color.

3. Applicable occasions

High gloss paint is easy to lose gloss when used outdoors. Therefore, mute gloss paint is usually used in low-cost engineering facilities. In order to maintain gloss and durability outdoors, only high gloss paint with high weatherability, such as fluorocarbon paint and aliphatic acrylic polyurethane paint, can be used.

4. Wear resistance

Dumb varnish is slightly better than high gloss varnish in wear resistance and scratch resistance. For example, alkyd paint, although glossy, decorative, but poor retention, easy to scratch, loss of gloss, fading and so on.

5. Applicable articles

High gloss paints are usually used for indoor machinery and equipment, marking paints, etc. Mute gloss paints are mostly used for exterior walls, and facilities directly in contact with the human body, etc.

6. Visual effects

In terms of visual effect, high gloss paint gives people a full and bright color experience with high fullness, while matte paint gives people a kind of elegant and pure color experience with implicit and soft.

7, price

In terms of price, the price of high gloss paint is higher than that of matte paint due to the difference of cost and technology.

8. Maintenance difficulty

Dumb varnish is easy to maintain, and high gloss varnish requires higher maintenance.

9, characteristics

Dumb varnish is a varnish-based varnish mixed with appropriate matting agent and auxiliary materials. Because of the different amount of matting agent, the glossiness of the varnish film is also different. The gloss of matte paint film is soft, even, smooth, temperature-resistant, water-resistant, acid-alkali-resistant. High gloss paint is a kind of high-grade interior decoration wall paint, specially used for decorating interior cement walls, masonry, gypsum, ceilings, wood structures and other surfaces.

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