China White Birch UV plywood Part 15 : Substrate Platform quality checking

China White Birch UV plywood Part 15 : Substrate Platform quality checking

The checklist :

1.substrate platform sizes

2.thickness and thickness tolerance



5.surface manufacturing defects and natural defects

6.color variation

7.wood grain and texture

8.surface smoothness

  • Beautiful, durable finish resists scratches and chips.
  • Finished surface reduces labor time and cost, increasing productivity and efficiency.
  • Advanced sanding technology for a smoother, more beautiful appearance.
  • Real wood alternative to melamine box interiors or those using low basis weight papers.
  • Overspray can be easily wiped up with acetone.
  • UV Wood panels are balanced and will stay flatter than a melamine one-side panel.
  • UV finished surface reduces VOC emissions.
  • Available on veneer core, MDF and particleboard cores in a variety of thicknesses and any hardwood face and back combinations for numerous design options.


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