China White Birch UV plywood Part 5 : Effect of UV Paint Quality on Wood Quality

China White Birch UV plywood Part 5 : Effect of UV Paint Quality on Wood Quality

UV paint curing speed, through ultraviolet irradiation, in a few seconds to achieve surface drying. When the film changes from wet film to dry film, the shrinkage rate is higher and the internal stress is relatively larger, so the adhesion between coatings is poor. The hardness of UV paint is generally stronger than that of other paints. Usually the harder the film is, the more brittle it is, the less abrasive it is, and the film is easy to crack. When the hardness of the coating exceeds the requirement, with the change of thermal expansion, cold contraction or wet expansion and drying contraction of the floor, the change of the surface paint film can not be deformed with the micro-deformation of the floor due to the lack of elasticity, thus causing cracks. Therefore, the quality of coatings should be strictly controlled when finishing, so as to ensure the overall quality of wood.

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