China White Birch UV plywood Part 7 : UV plywood Characteristic

China White Birch UV plywood Part 7 : UV plywood Characteristic

A: High surface smoothness: Mirror highlight effect is obvious.

B: Full paint film: full and attractive color.

C: Environmental protection and health: Usually the paint baking is not good, and volatile substances (VOC) are constantly released. UV board solves the century’s environmental problems. It not only does not contain volatile substances such as benzene itself, but also forms a dense curing film through ultraviolet curing, which reduces the amount of gases released from the substrate.

D: Non-fading: Compared with traditional panels, UV decorative panels have better physical and chemical properties, ensure the durability of UV panels, and solve the phenomenon of color difference.

E: Scratch resistance: The higher the hardness, the brighter the wear and the longer the curing time is.

F: acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance: UV plate can resist the corrosion of various acid and alkali disinfectants. The reason for the above characteristics of UV plate is that the chemical reaction between paint and ultraviolet radiation results in a dense protective film. The molecular distance between the dense protective film is very small, which is smaller than water and acetic acid molecules, so it has the effect of waterproof and pollution resistance. However, white UV panels are prone to yellowing when exposed to sunlight, which can not be solved in the industry.

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