China’s Current Standard Catalogue of Wood-based Panels

China’s Current Standard Catalogue of Wood-based Panels

1. Fiberboard

Flammable MDF GB/T 18958-2003 Embossed Fiberboard LY/T 1204-1997

Fiberboard LY/T 1611-2003 for Floor Substrate LY/T 1203-1997 Hardwood Fiber Corrugated Board

Medium Density Fiberboard GB/T 11718-1999 Hard Fiberboard GB/T 12626-1990

Thin Hard Fiberboard LY/T 1205-1997

2. Particleboard

Molded particles Part 1: GB/T 15105.1-2006 for indoor use

Oriented particleboard LY/T 1580-2000

Particleboard GB/T 4897.1-4897.7-2003

Marine veneer particleboard LY/T 1057-1991

Gypsum particleboard LY/T 1598-2002

3. Plywood (veneer)

PLAIN SLICE veneer GB/T 13010-2006

Flammable plywood GB/T18101-2000

Veneer laminated wood GB/T 20241-2006

LY/T1579-2000 Veneer Inside-Sticking Perforated Adhesive Tape

Blockboard GB/T 5849-2006

Plywood for concrete formwork GB/T 17656-1999

Plywood GB/T 9846.1-9846.8-2004

Plywood for Container Floor GB/T19536-2004 Plywood for Planing and Cutting Car LY/T 1364-1999

Rotary-cut veneer LY/T 1599-2002 Wet-viscous veneer edge-sealing tape LY/T 1171-1995

LY/T 1600-2002 Impregnated Adhesive Paper Veneer for Concrete Formwork

Plywood for Tea Packaging LY/T 1170-1995

Birch plywood for aviation LY/T 1417-2001

Plywood for Table Tennis Racket LY/T 1115-1993

4. LVL

LY/T 1401-1415-1999

LY/T 1416-1999 Wood Laminate for Textile

Electrical Laminated Wood Board LY/T 1278-1998

5. Wood-based Panels Decorative Material and Decorative Wood-based Panels

Adhesive impregnated paper veneered wood-based panels GB/T 15102-2006 Thermosetting resin impregnated paper high pressure decorative laminated panels (HPL) GB/T 7911-1999

Decorative veneer veneered wood-based panels GB/T 15104-2006 PVC film veneered wood-based panels LY/T 1279-1998

Unsaturated Polyester Resin Decorative Wood-based Panels LY/T 1070.1-1070.2-2004

Impregnated film paper LY/T 1143-1993 for finishing

6. Wood Composites

Extruded Wood-Plastic Composite Board LY/T 1613-2004

7. Adhesives for Wood Industry

Testing methods for wood adhesives and resins GB/T 14074-2006

Terminology LY/T 1280-1998 for adhesives in wood industry

Urea-formaldehyde, phenolic and melamine-formaldehyde resins for wood industrial adhesives GB/T 14732-2006

Chloroprene Rubber Adhesive LY/T 1206-1997 for Woodworking

Water-based Polymer-Isocyanate Wood Adhesive LY/T1601-2002

Urea-formaldehyde Precondensate LY/T 1180-1995

8, floor

Code for Paving, Acceptance and Use of Wood Flooring GB/T 20238-2006

Solid Wood Composite Flooring GB/T18103-2000

Wood Flooring for Gymnasium GB/T 20239-2006 Impregnated Paper Laminated Wood Flooring GB/T 18102-2000

Solid Wood Integrated Flooring LY/T 1614-2004 Antistatic Wood Flooring LY/T 1330-1999

9. Synthesis

Determination of Thickness, Width and Length of Wood-based Panels–GB/T 19367.1-2004

Determination of Verticality and Edge Straightness of Wood-based Panels and Panels GB/T 19367.2-2004

LY/T 1612-2004 1M3 Climate Box Device for Formaldehyde Emission Detection

Formaldehyde emission limits in wood-based panels and their products GB 18580-2001

Wood-based panels and their surface decoration terminology GB/T 18259-2000

Test method for physical and chemical properties of wood-based panels and veneered panels GB/T 17657-1999

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