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Characteristics and detection of environmental protection ABS edge banding

Because ABS has lower shrinkage and higher thermal deformation temperature, it has better dimensional stability, and will not shrink or expand excessively due to large temperature difference. This characteristic is of great significance to the storage and transportation of edge banding and furniture products. However, the traditional PVC edge banding has low thermal deformation temperature and added plasticizers and other additives with certain mobility and extractability, and its dimensional stability is worse than that of ABS edge banding, Improper storage and transportation will easily lead to deformation and shrinkage, which will affect the appearance and firmness of furniture.

ABS edge banding

Detection method of edge banding: visually check whether the edge banding is consistent with the color and texture of the plate used, or whether it is consistent with the designer’s requirements. Check whether the surface of the edge banding strip is smooth and flat, and whether there are sundries. If there is any impurity or fine needle hole, it may be made of Recycled PVC. Check whether the back of the edge banding strip is flat.

A flat blade can be used to clamp the edge sealing strip horizontally to see if it is straight. If it is not straight, there will be thick glue lines on both sides after edge sealing. If the back of the edge sealing strip is flat and there is still a thick glue line after the edge sealing, the following method can be used to check whether the saw surface of the plate is flat. If the specifications of the upper and lower saw blades are different during sawing, there are small steps on the saw surface during sawing, which will affect the edge sealing. Check whether the hot-melt adhesive coating is too thick.

Check whether the thickness and pressure of the edge banding machine are coordinated. Use a small section of edge banding strip for edge banding, and then tear it with force to check whether the adhesive strength between the edge banding strip and the hot sol is reasonable and uniform. If the strength is insufficient, check whether the hot sol temperature of the edge banding machine meets the use standard. Whether the side of the plate is even after trimming. If there is serration, it may be caused by the following reasons: the trimming knife is too blunt; The edge banding is too hard; The edge banding contains too much calcium carbonate. Scratch the edge banding with nails or other tools. If it is damaged, the surface abrasion resistance and hardness of the edge banding do not meet the standard, which proves that the quality of the edge banding is unqualified.

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