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The surface of the edge banding strip must be smooth, free of blisters or few blisters, no stretch lines or few stretch lines, moderate gloss, and not too bright or too matte (unless there are special requirements).

1. The edge banding strip shall be straight, with flat surface, flat bottom and uniform thickness, otherwise the glue line will be heavy or have a large gap after the edge banding.

2. It has a certain reasonable hardness. The higher the elasticity, the better the quality, and the stronger the wear resistance. Too high hardness is not easy to use. Too soft reduces the wear resistance, increases the possibility of deformation and is easy to aging.

3. After trimming, the gloss is good, and the quality is better as it is closer to the face color. The trimming whiteness is not obvious. If the trimming whiteness is serious and there is no gloss, it is caused by the poor quality of the materials, and the overall color of the finished furniture is not coordinated after use.

4. The back glue is evenly coated, generally transparent glue or white glue is the top grade, and the back glue of other colors is generally domestic back glue. After edge sealing, the bonding strength is low, and the quality is unstable, which often leads to sealing failure.

5. The color of each batch of edge banding is consistent. The lower the color difference of different batches, the better the quality.

6. Trimming and cutting are not brittle and do not collapse, especially in winter.

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