Chinese HARDWOOD exterior and Interior Plywood factory auditing,Manufacturing Audit , Supplier Evaluation Part 3

Factors to be evaluated in site investigation of wood based panel and plywood suppliers

The factors to be evaluated include the following:


The items to be investigated include the service life, current situation, neatness and layout of wood-based panel plywood production and inspection equipment, quantity of raw materials in production, equipment capacity and current operation level.

Equipment management ability.

Equipment management ability is an important embodiment of the management ability of wood-based panel and plywood enterprises. The best way to compare the equipment management capability is to observe the situation when two suppliers produce the same product. The equipment management ability will affect the quality and efficiency. Sometimes, a very good business can be confused by sudden business changes or urgent orders.

Technical capability.

What is the research and development potential of suppliers? What strong support can be provided for customer service level? What is the engineering capability?

Business process / logistics.

Efficient business process and logistics are essential elements to maintain the competitiveness of suppliers. When the efficiency of business process and logistics is low, timely improvement can help both parties to reduce costs and make suppliers more competitive.

Staff morale.

What is the employee’s work experience? What is their understanding of management? Because employee morale is most easily affected by senior managers, there are always “dissatisfied” employees in any enterprise. However, in a really good enterprise, employees will feel that they are treated fairly and the organization cares for them. Employee morale has a great impact on quality, timely delivery and efficiency. It also shows whether employees are willing to spend extra energy to please customers. The purchaser must be aware of the significant management changes in the supplier and its impact on employees.

Process control.

How does the supplier’s system plan and control the process? Can the system quickly determine the location and status of orders? What criteria are used to determine the priority of wood-based panel plywood orders? How to ensure the accuracy of inventory and order? How much capacity is available to process current orders? For example, is the current capacity utilization rate able to ensure that orders meet demand in a timely manner?

● quality control.

Does the supplier have the quality function of wood-based panel and plywood? How to make quality report? Is the process control system appropriate? Who will maintain the system? Do enterprises use statistical process control tools regularly throughout the process?

How to audit wood based panel and plywood suppliers?

● procurement.

How does the supplier organize the purchasing process of wood-based panel and plywood? Is the number of personnel sufficient? What is the relationship with the current supplier? What is the supplier’s credit rating in the buyer?

● supplier commitment.

Is the supplier interested in the buyer’s wood-based panel plywood transaction? What are the top management’s concerns about trading activities? What is the top management’s investment in quality and customer service?

● technology.

How new is the supplier’s processing technology? How is information technology used? Does the supplier have e-commerce processing capability? What is the level of technology used for product / service improvement and design? Does the supplier have a technology development plan?

In general, when the actual site audit of wood-based panel plywood is carried out, people from relevant departments such as procurement, quality, research and development, supply chain management and so on are involved.

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