Chinese HARDWOOD exterior and Interior Plywood factory auditing,Manufacturing Audit , Supplier Evaluation Part 5

Wood based panel and plywood supplier audit

Audit is to systematically check the wood-based panel plywood suppliers, find out the real situation of the wood-based panel plywood suppliers, compare with the expectations and standards of the purchasing organization, determine the extent to which the target suppliers meet the standards of the purchasing organization, and determine the next action.

The quality principle behind audit: Based on facts.

Audit does not directly add value, its value lies in:

1.1 help the wood-based panel plywood purchasing organization to make a reasonable decision and select the appropriate wood-based panel plywood supplier for business value-added.

1.2 determine the effectiveness of the supplier’s quality management system and manufacturing process capability, confirm that the supplier has the qualification to add value to the purchasing organization, affirm the supplier’s advantages, point out the supplier’s weakness, and improve the supplier’s performance in the market through the improvement plan;

1.3 review the supplier’s compliance to avoid potential compliance risks.

During the period of rectification, suppliers should be urged to take the risk of serious damage to the supplier’s image during the rectification period;

When evaluating potential wood-based panel plywood suppliers, the compliance risk suppliers can be directly excluded;

Therefore, audit is to find a real wood-based panel and plywood supplier, affirm and make use of the supplier’s advantages, check the supplier’s risks, and urge and help the supplier eliminate / reduce its inherent risks. On this basis, establish a cooperative relationship with the supplier to maximize the interests of both parties.

The value-added audit should change from the compliance of the quality system of wood-based panel and plywood suppliers to the effectiveness of the supplier system, and implement the principle of continuous improvement.

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