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Chinese HARDWOOD exterior and Interior Plywood factory auditing,Manufacturing Audit , Supplier Evaluation Part 7

Type of wood based panel and plywood supplier audit.

For the supplier audit, the most common three types: wood-based panel plywood quality system audit, wood-based panel plywood production process audit, wood-based panel plywood product audit;

Quality system audit, review the conformity and effectiveness of the quality system;

Production process audit, audit process compliance and process capability;

Product audit, review the conformity of product characteristics from the perspective of customers;

Quality system audit and process audit are commonly used to evaluate and release suppliers, both of which have different characteristics;

The quality system audit is often used to comprehensively evaluate the effectiveness of the supplier’s quality system, whether the internal logic of the quality system is complete, whether the sub processes are identified and fully controlled. It examines the overall situation of the quality system, but does not fully investigate the supplier’s manufacturing capacity, which is the core value of the manufacturing supplier, which must be said to be a deficiency of the quality system audit;

Process audit is mainly aimed at the specific elements of the manufacturing process of wood-based panel plywood suppliers, which can be used as a supplement to the quality system audit. For a specific type of manufacturing process, targeted audit standards are adopted. Therefore, auditors are required to have the knowledge of corresponding products and processes, because the focus of audit is completely different for different manufacturing processes;

For example, MDF / hardboard suppliers and plywood suppliers adopt different process audit standards;

For suppliers that provide an overall functional structure, such as fancy Plywood suppliers, whose products have complex internal structure, should not only focus on their manufacturing process capability, but also on their overall management level, R & D capability, process level, supply chain management capability, stability of sub supplier group, etc. Therefore, quality system audit + process audit is the appropriate choice;

In order to show the true level of suppliers and help the purchasing organization to make reasonable decisions, it is necessary to evaluate the suppliers and comprehensively investigate the assurance capability and basic engineering capability of the quality system;

From the perspective of supplier relationship, supplier classification also directly determines the type and depth of audit

If the purchased materials are of high value, have a significant impact on the profitability of the purchasing organization, and have a high supply risk, such suppliers are at the level of strategic partners, and their focus is not only on the quality system and manufacturing process, but also more on their technical level, the potential of early participation in design, the ability to optimize design and reduce costs, financial status, profitability, etc Assets and liabilities, long-term cooperation willingness, whether the supplier has sufficient qualification to provide the required value, and whether the supplier has sufficient anti risk ability; moreover, the high-level of both sides will be more involved in this decision-making;

If the purchased materials hardly affect the profit of the purchasing organization, they can be easily standardized and can be replaced at will in the market. To audit such suppliers, we only need to ensure that their quality system is effective and have sufficient process capability, and the depth is completely different from that of strategic suppliers;

The type and depth of the audit depend on the requirements of the purchasing organization. The requirements also determine the type of materials required. This also determines the type of supplier relationship and how to manage the supplier.

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