Chinese Plywood  Grade Rules  Quality Assurance and Inspection Grading

Chinese Plywood  Grade Rules
B/C or B/2 Grade Fairly uniform in color with slight contrasts allowed. Small conspicuous burls and pin knots allowed with a minimum number of scattered sound or repaired knots. Both faces are typically sanded smooth.The “C” back grade is typically more on the C minus to D plus grade or compatible to a #1 and #2 mix back grade on ANSI/HPVA standards.
C/D or C/2 Grade A larger color contrast is allowed. There are a unlimited number of conspicuous burls and pin knots and greater quantity of scattered sound and repaired knots allowed. “Blended Repaired” is allowed whereby splits in the veneer will be repaired with color matched putty. The “D” back grade is typically more on the D minus grade or compatible to a #2 and #3 mix back grade on ANSI/HPVA standards.
D/E or D/3 Grade All defects not permitted by C grade will generally be allowed on D grade. More sound and dark pin knots, repaired knot holes, longer putty repaired veneer splits will be allowed, but the number of knot holes is the major determining factor. The “E” back grade borders in grade and similarity to the #4 or reject back grade on ANSI/HPVA standards.
NOTE: The majority of these panels are laid up on a Chinese Poplar core. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THE APPLICATION OF THE PANEL.
B Grade: often used for upper-end cabinetry, architectural millwork, and furniture.
C Grade: used primarily on paint grade type applications, in lower-end case work, and for cabinet interiors in upper-end cabinetry.
D Grade: used for non-visible cabinet parts.
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