Choose waterproof packaging plywood

Choose waterproof packaging plywood

Waterproof packaging plywood is a kind of waterproof plywood with waterproof performance. Since it is waterproof, it is more demanding than ordinary plywood. Some details should be paid special attention to. Therefore, Shandong plywood manufacturer reminds customers and friends that when choosing waterproof packaging plywood, several points should be paid attention to:

1. Waterproof plywood is required to have strong water resistance, so a simple test can be done when choosing and purchasing. A 100*100mm waterproof packaging plywood can be taken and boiled in boiling water for more than 4 hours. If there is no phenomenon of glue opening, the quality of the board is qualified.

2. Usually, the density of waterproof packaging plywood is higher than that of ordinary packaging plywood, and the weight of waterproof plywood with the same volume is more than three times that of ordinary packaging plywood.

3. Shandong plywood manufacturer reminds you that waterproof plywood generally needs BS-1008 inspection report, marine packaging plywood for shipbuilding needs product certification of relevant state-level societies, and more attention should be paid when choosing and purchasing plywood.

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