Classification of Melamine Impregnated Paper

Classification of Melamine Impregnated Paper

What are the main types of impregnated paper used for melamine Paper?

1. Base paper:

Melamine impregnated paper can be divided into plain paper, printing paper and wear-resistant paper. According to the use of the product, it can be divided into two categories: face paper and bottom paper. There are differences between plain paper and printed paper. Base paper is the best, pure color, not easy to discolor, and the color of printed paper is not uniform. Plain paper is generally used as base paper (reinforced wood flooring, also known as balance paper). Wooden paper is printed on the basis of base paper. According to the realistic requirements of wood grain, the number of plate rolls used in printing is also different..


Printing ink is indispensable. The ink used in melamine wood-grain paper is water-based ink. There are domestic ink and imported ink. The main difference is the long-term durability. To distinguish the quality of printing, we can use magnifying glass to watch the number of “blanks”. If there are more blanks, it will affect the purity of the color. In addition, the naked eye can see a large number of blanks, the quality is very general. Worthless. In addition, there is no ink-holding and inaccurate color matching. If the color is yellow, the ink quality is not good.

3. The content of melamine determines the wear resistance of melamine surface. Moisture-proof, mildew-proof quality.

The best impregnated paper, melamine content of 100%, followed by 70%, most of the current use of 70% impregnated paper. The shelf life of pure melamine impregnated paper can reach more than one year.

The worst number of non-inflow sugar gum acts as melamine gum. If exposed to air for 5 minutes, it will bond immediately. Therefore, many people say it should be placed in the air-conditioning room to prevent premature bonding and curing. Sugar is soluble in water, so it is not damp-proof. It won’t take long. Because of wiping, the protective layer on the surface can easily be wiped and melted. Therefore, in order to change this problem, manufacturers of glue paper add more curing agents, so there will be a week or 15 days will expire, early curing quality problems. Simple detection method: put wet towel on the sticker panel, the next day to see the surface changes, whether bubbles, bulge. Whether the surface gloss is destroyed after wiping.

There is a kind of impregnated paper, using urea-formaldehyde glue, the proportion of melamine is 60%, 50%, 40%, 30%. Although it is better than sugar gum, the shelf life is usually only 3 months, some less. Simple identification methods are:

There is a smell of urea on the surface of the burning board.

Formaldehyde release. There are also differences between E1, E2 and E0.


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