Classification of molded door panels

Classification of molded door panels

1. The real wood veneer molding door panel, as the name implies, is to stick the natural wood veneer on the surface, such as: sapley, pear and other precious wood. It is the mainstay of the molded door panel, accounting for more than 50% of the entire door industry consumer market. Ecological development “is the general trend of the global wood door industry, and now it has been favored by more and more wood door manufacturers.

2. Melamine molded door panel, as the name implies, is to stick melamine paper on the surface. Its advantage is that the cost is low and it is suitable for the decoration requirements of low-quality projects. Now it has gradually withdrawn from the market.

3. As the name implies, the PVC steel wooden door plate is made of steel plate as the base material after being pressed into various products. This kind of door panel looks hard and occupies a large share in the market. It is suitable for outdoor doors, so it is popular with users.

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