Combining theory with Practical Experience to serve the QC

Combining theory with practice to serve the QC

Most of the chinese managers have good and rich Practical Experience   in manufacturing and quality control ,but when asked them to make a good lesson for the customers or clients ,it is hard for them to do ,because they are lack of theory and Theoretical guidance .

So ,my idea and experience is learn the theory from the experts like learn the production practice from the manufacturing .

The key technologies for making satisfied corrected wood based panels are summarizedon the basis of practical production and theoretical analysis.

From the bookstores ,internet ,you can have more than thousands of resources can learn the theory ,you maybe worry about the copyright ,but don’t worry ,just learn them and use them ,make the original source and support them to be readed by more and more readers ,to show the original source to support the original source .What you do is learn more theory to serve more people ,if nessary to pay the copyright costs to the original source .

1. theory

It is theory that people generalize and summarize the knowledge and experience gained in practice and form a knowledge tie in a certain field.

Scientific theory is abstracted from objective reality and proved in objective reality. It correctly reflects the essence and law of objective things.

2. Dialectical relationship between theory and Practice

(1) Practice is the basis of theory, that is, practice plays a decisive role in theory.

(2) Theory has a negative effect on practice, scientific theory has a positive guiding effect on practice, and wrong theory has a hindrance effect.

(3) Theory and practice are mutually reinforcing and indispensable. We cannot arbitrarily separate the dialectical relationship between them and emphasize one aspect in isolation.

3. The Guiding Role of Scientific Theory in Practice

(1) Through the phenomena of things, it grasps the essence of things and the inherent inevitability of things. It reflects the law of the development of things, thus enabling us to take a comprehensive view of the overall situation, foresight, foresee the development trend of things, determine the direction of things, and guide people’s practice.

(2) Provide scientific methods, improve people’s cognitive ability, and provide scientific cognitive tools for people to seek truth.

Scientific theory is indispensable in practice. Practice without theoretical guidance is blind practice.

4. Adhere to the combination of theory and Practice

(1) Theory must be combined with practice because, on the one hand, practice can only achieve the goal of transforming the objective world under the guidance of scientific theory, on the other hand, theory can be tested and developed only when it is combined with practice, and can it become material force. No good theory is meaningless unless it is combined with practice.

To achieve the correct combination of theory and practice, we must adhere to the unity of theory and practice.

Theory reflects the essence and law of things, and is the commonness of things. The objective things are very different, with vivid and rich personality, which is the unity of generality and individuality. Therefore, we must use theory to analyze the concrete situation, combine theory with living concrete things, and achieve the concrete unity of theory and practice.

Any theory comes into being under certain historical conditions. Objectives are changing and developing, and practice is also developing. Therefore, theory must develop with the development of practice, so as to conform to the changed objective situation and achieve the historical unity of theory and practice.

Third, we should combine theory with practice.

First of all, we must master the theory. Without theory, there is no connection between theory and practice. Therefore, we strive to learn all valuable scientific theories at all times, at all times, at home and abroad. That attitude of despising theory is wrong.

Secondly, we must proceed from reality and seek truth from facts. We must closely link theory with practice.

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