Common application of lengthened plywood

Common application of lengthened plywood

Lengthened plywood is generally used in some special fields because its size is larger than that of conventional plywood.

If LVL veneer laminated lumber is used to pack large-scale equipment and equipment, strict fumigation and disinfection should be carried out for the packing boxes and various accessories made from logs according to the regulations. LVL is a kind of artificial plate processed under high temperature and pressure. There is no danger of harmful organisms spreading, so no further treatment is needed.

Other applications: multi-plywood for furniture, plywood for furniture, wood plywood for furniture, cabinet backboard, cabinet partition, plywood for special-shaped small door panels, children’s furniture panels, plywood for fitness equipment, multi-plywood for doors and windows, special multi-plywood for middle and high-grade packaging boxes, etc.

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