Common Poplar Species Used in Wood-based Panel Production in China

Common Poplar Species Used in Wood-based Panel Production in China

1. Black poplar. Bark dark gray, long oval buds, flowering from April to May, fruit in June. Most of the natural growth in riverbanks, bays and coastal dunes. Populus nigra is cold-resistant, light-loving, salt-alkali-resistant and drought-resistant. It is distributed in northern China and North Asia.

2. Populus tomentosa. The bark is flaky, rough, and the leaf shape is the largest among poplars. Its apex is usually acuminate. It is mostly found in deep rainfall areas in low mountain plains and usually exists as shrub type.

3. Poplar. The poplar of this species has dense green leaves, natural branches and dioecious plants, and its inflorescence opens first in spring. The most famous feature of poplar is its very straight trunk.

4. Poplar. It is a common variety in northern China. Its bark is grey green when young, grey white when old, and its petiole is cylindrical. It blossoms in March to May and bears fruit in May to July. The main producing areas are Liaoning, North China, Northwest China, Sichuan and other provinces.

5. Populus euphratica. It is one of the rare tree species in nature. Its leaves are broad and fragrant, and its wood is fine and soft. It has the characteristics of drought resistance and waterlogging tolerance. Populus euphratica can be up to 200 years old, causing most of its growth in desert areas. In order to adapt to the drought environment, leaves of young trees are very unique. Leaves of young trees are as long as willows, and leaves of old trees are as round as poplars.

6. Yiyang. It has the characteristics of fast growth and straight tree pole. Populus Italica can be grown in ten years. Its economic value is very high. It can be planted on both sides of the road. It can be used as street tree. After ten years, it can be thinned and replanted. It can be used as timber, windproof and sand proof.

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