Common Problems and Reasons of Melamine Decorated Panel

Common Problems and Reasons of Melamine Decorated Panel

How to inspect the melamine boards according to the grading rules and checklist ,the QC should know some simple manufacturing defects of the boards below .

Melamine board, I believe you are not unfamiliar. As a representative of wood-based panels, it has been fully integrated into our lives, whether as a floor of high-density board, or particleboard furniture, are our more common board. But do you know the common problems and causes of melamine? Next, let the manufacturer of glass magnesium plate briefly introduce it to you.

Poor physical performance:

1. Hot pressing temperature is low or hot pressing time period, resin curing is incomplete, the board surface is easy to bond dust in the use process, not easy to clean.

2. Resin content is too low, resulting in glass on the surface of the substrate and low strength.

3. Excessive unit pressure, uneven surface density, asymmetric structure and high hot-pressing temperature cause veneer warpage.

The surface gloss is uneven:

1. The impregnating paper is not uniform, the moisture content is too high. The surface gloss of the board is not uniform because of the bubbles on the surface of the board.

2. The surface of the template is polluted, the surface is polluted, the cushion is damaged, and the temperature of the cushion is uneven, resulting in demoulding.

3. The water content of the sheet is too high, the hot pressing temperature is too hot or the hot pressing time is too short, which results in the water mark on the surface of the sheet and makes the surface gloss uneven.

4. Low pressure or long impregnation time.

Wet Flowers on Board:

1. The moisture content of the base material is too high and excessive bubbles are produced during pressing.

2. Excessive volatile content in impregnated paper or dampness of impregnated paper.

Poor demoulding:

1. Excessive impregnation of resin or dirty surface of substrate.

2. Hot pressing temperature is low, time is short and resin is not fully cured.

3. The excessive moisture content of the sheet affects the curing of the resin and leads to poor demoulding.

In summary, in order to produce high-quality products, we must select good impregnated paper and base materials, and adopt reasonable processing technology. In addition, we also need the cooperation of operators and inspectors to control the quality of products. Only in this way can we ensure the quality of products.

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