Common quality problems of blockboard and matters needing attention in purchasing

Common quality problems of blockboard and matters needing attention in purchasing


There are still many places where joinery boards are used in interior decoration, but like other wood-based panels, glue is needed in the production process, so the amount of glue used affects the formaldehyde emission after decoration. In addition, the production investment of blockboard is not high, there are many brands selling Blockboard on the market, and what quality problems Blockboard will have, so we must carefully understand the purchase, take you together to understand the common quality problems of blockboard, as well as the purchase considerations:

1. What is blockboard?

Blockboard is commonly known as large core board, woodworking board. It is made of two pieces of veneer, which are glued and pressed by the middle of the veneer. After heat treatment (i.e. drying in the drying room), it is processed into a certain specification of short solid wood strips, which are joined together by manual or splitting machine to form a middle board. The spliced boards are then covered with two layers of high-quality veneers on both sides, and then cold and hot pressed. It is made by rubber pressing.

High-quality southern Chinese fir, poplar and paulownia wood are used to make the face and floor with Oguman veneer, and the core board is made of soft broad-leaved wood with uniform structure and small shrinkage, which is bonded and pressed by natural environmental-friendly adhesives. The product has the characteristics of good levelness, small color difference, light weight, not easy to deform, and environmental protection up to E0 level. It can be widely used in indoor decoration and furniture production.

2. Common Problems of Blockboard

1. Water content: The control of water content should be compatible with the equilibrium water content of the use environment. The boards with unqualified indexes are prone to warping deformation in use. _

The moisture content of blockboard is a factor to distinguish the quality of blockboard. Many Blockboard moisture content does not meet the national standards, which is also one of the common problems of blockboard. The moisture content of wood-based panels is generally between 6% and 12%. If the moisture content exceeds the standard, it will not only easily cause the deformation of wood-based panels, but also affect the appearance of products, resulting in the loss of cross-sectional compressive capacity of products. The main culprits causing the moisture content of wood-based panels to exceed the standard are the wooden blanks, insufficient maintenance time of core panels and defects in hot-pressing process control.

2. Transverse static bending strength: Transverse static bending strength is an important technical index to measure the bearing capacity of blockboard, which is not qualified and easy to break in use. Chinese style

As a structural decorative material in the field of home decoration, Blockboard has high performance requirements for quality. The transverse bending strength of blockboard is one of the indexes to consider the quality of blockboard. The higher the transverse bending strength, the greater the bending bearing capacity of blockboard, and the more difficult it is to deform. Common problems of poor quality Blockboard include easy to deform, easy to break and so on, and good quality Blockboard can be evenly distributed by force, which can ensure that the bending will not be dragged down in the future.

3. Surface bonding strength: This index reflects the firmness of the bonding between the surface board and the core board, and the unqualified boards are prone to warping (commonly known as peeling) in use.

4: Bonding strength. The index reflects the structural stability, resistance and moisture opening ability of blockboard, and the unqualified Blockboard is easy to open in use. At the same time, it is also an important indicator to test the production process of a manufacturer, whether there are problems such as Jerry work and material reduction.

5. Formaldehyde emission. This index is an environmental protection index widely valued by all walks of life. The unqualified boards in use are easy to cause adverse stimulation to human body. _

The harm of formaldehyde to human body is known to all, so formaldehyde emission is also one of the common problems of blockboard. As consumers, when choosing blockboard, we need to check the quality inspection report of blockboard before purchasing. The report can affect the release of formaldehyde from blockboard, including the types of glue, the proportioning standard and the swimming. From the formaldehyde index, so try to buy low pollution value blockboard.

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