Common quality problems of building formwork film faced plywood 

Common quality problems of building formwork film faced plywood

Architectural formwork film faced plywood  is the framework in the construction industry. Without a lot of architectural formwork, the construction industry can not proceed smoothly. Architectural formwork designs the appearance of the building, so long as it is carried out in this framework, it can complete the work well. Building formwork optimizes the structure of concrete, locates the position of components and specifies the size of geometric dimensions. Building formwork can bear its own weight and the weight of concrete, but also ensure the solid combination of building formwork structure. Really do not deform and do not destroy, safe and reliable. The use of building formwork has greatly improved the engineering specifications. Architectural formwork is mainly composed of links, panels and supporting structures. The functions of each part are as follows: the links are mainly to link the panels and supporting structures to ensure their organic combination; the supporting functions are mainly to support the weight of building formwork and control; and the panels are concrete bearing panels. This kind of structure is safe and firm, which guarantees the quality of building formwork. According to its material, the building formwork can be divided into wood glue building board, multi-storey building board and double-storey building formwork. And now the most popular in the market is modular template, which makes template assembly simple and has strong versatility. Architectural formwork is a temporary structure, which can be changed at any time according to the need, and can make models quickly.

Common quality problems

1. Axis displacement, axis deviation; incorrect twist and elevation

2. Large deviation of geometric dimension and unsatisfactory cross-sectional area;

3. The bracket, ejector rod and fixing clip are not fixed firmly, which causes collapse, model running, slurry leakage and void.

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