Compact Laminate

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phenolic compact laminate (HPL)lite board is made of decorative color paper impregnated with melamine resin, plus multi-layer black or brown kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin laminated, and then through the steel plate through high temperature (150 ℃) high pressure (1430psi) made of the environment, the thickness from 1.5mm To 30mm can be produced. Phenolic resin fibreboard according to its surface color paper layer, to meet a variety of color selection, single or double decorative requirements.

phenolic compact laminate (HPL) special board in accordance with its surface color paper layer, to meet a variety of color selection, single or double decorative requirements, so for the decorative materials, but also because of the thickness of the traditional fire board thicker, with a strong, Resistant to wet characteristics, but also for the structural materials, and can be directly used standard carbon steel alloy tool for drilling, percussion, sanding, guide, cutting and other work, can also be used CNC machine tools according to the actual needs of cutting to any desired shape , And angle, drilling, in fact, both practical and decorative plate.

phenolic compact laminate (HPL) plate for indoor horizontal and vertical surface design, with a strong, anti-impact, waterproof, moisture and other functions.

Product specifications

Products sub-ultra-bright plate, bending plate, phenolic compact laminate (HPL) the board, physical and chemical plate, ordinary flat, drilling pad six series. The product specifications are 3’x 7 ‘, 4’ x 6 ‘, 4’x 8’, 4 ‘x 10’, 4 ‘x 12’, 4.3’x10 ‘, 5’x 6’, 5’x10 ‘, 5 ‘x 12’, 6’x 6 ‘and 6’x 12’ feet.

Application product

The use of phenolic compact laminate (HPL) special board is extremely extensive, home cooking table, washstand, table, desk, door, and even public space bathroom compartment, sink, reception counter, lockers, ceilings, desks and office Compartment, etc., can be used phenolic compact laminate (HPL) the board production.