Comparison of bamboo plywood and wood plywood for container floor

Comparison of bamboo plywood and wood plywood for container floor

(1) the strength, rigidity and hardness of bamboo plywood are higher than those of wood plywood. For example, the strength and modulus of elasticity of bamboo plywood are 80-100mpa and (7-9) * 103mpa respectively. The wood rubber plate is 35-50mpa and (6-7) * 103mpa respectively. At the same time, the bamboo plywood is not only elastic, but also wear-resistant and impact resistant. It can eat more and be used for turnover, with long service life.

(2) the bamboo plywood formwork has high strength, good toughness, the static bending strength of the board is 8-10 times of the wood strength, and 4-5 times of the wood plywood strength, which can reduce the use of formwork support.

(3) the shrinkage, expansion and water absorption of bamboo plywood are lower than those of wood plywood, so the water resistance of bamboo plywood is better. In the process of concrete curing, the bamboo plywood will not be deformed due to moisture, the joints will be tight, and it is not easy to leak grout.

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