Comparison of Production Skills and Equipment of Plywood between China and Europe (2)

Comparison of Production Skills and Equipment of Plywood between China and Europe (2)

(4) Core sheeting

In the process of rotary cutting, broken veneer strips of various widths are inevitably produced. Through veneer horizontal splicing equipment, veneer strips can be spliced into required widths, and then reach the intent of the whole slab group. Horizontal splicing equipment has been selected by many domestic plywood companies, but the primary intention is to save manpower and cost. The quality of splicing and the subsequent whole slab have not yet been paid attention to. The skills of vertical splicing of veneers through oblique grinding and oblique splicing equipment are seldom used in domestic plywood companies.

European plywood companies use horizontal splicing and vertical slant splicing skills to process core boards. Equipment manufacturers have also developed and announced continuous horizontal splicing and slant splicing equipment, and can set the core splicing scale according to the final plywood merchandise scale needs to meet the production requirements of special needs orders (special shaped boards).

(5) Slab assembly

Domestic companies still choose roller double-sided gluing skills and manual blanking method, and blanking is one of the most labor-intensive sections.

European companies have widely used one-sided gluing equipment, according to the different types of glue, can choose curtain, wire and atomization and other methods of gluing, not only improve the output power and capacity, but also more uniform sizing, rubber consumption can be controlled. Fully automatic billet forming system, no manual operation is required.

(6) Hot pressing of slab

At present, domestic plywood companies mainly use multi-layer hot press, while European companies mostly use continuous press, which can effectively control pressure and heat energy, ensure product quality and save energy.

The reasons for the gap lie in the low nature, insufficient funds, weak skills, backward concepts, lack of commodity quality, quality control and the consciousness of standardized production of most domestic plywood companies.

1.2 Category of Application

China’s plywood use gathering in the construction, private and floor areas, accounting for more than 87%, European plywood use is more balanced. The proportion of plywood used in construction in China is as high as 60%. It is mainly used as construction formwork, because the number of reuse of formwork is much lower than that of European commodities. European plywood companies have invested heavily in the development of commodities with high added value. Many of them are used in different types of transportation equipment, such as ferry, train floor and bus body. Therefore, plywood has a much higher share in European transportation than in China.

European plywood also has a much higher share in the field of private and woodwork products than in China, mainly because European stores prefer high value-added and natural wood-grain plywood products. Plywood is not only used in the interior of private and woodwork products, but also more and more used in the exterior, such as furniture, cabinets and interior wall decoration.

Because of the difference of civilization, Europeans prefer to use three-layer solid wood composite flooring, so European plywood is seldom used as floor base material.

2, advocating

(1) Optimizing processing skills and introducing leading production equipment

The quality of plywood is limited to a certain extent by the shortcomings of raw materials of fast-growing plantation, which results in the poor competitiveness of domestic plywood companies. Domestic companies can learn from the experience of European companies, optimize processing skills, introduce more efficient and leading production equipment, and upgrade the production line according to their own commodity characteristics and quality needs.

(2) Drafting Classification Standards for Commodity Quality Classification

According to the needs of China’s plywood market, learn from the experience of developed countries, draw up commodity quality grade specifications, distinguish the commodity quality grade accurately and clearly, lead the company to develop new skills and introduce leading production equipment, improve commodity quality, and then complete the transformation and promotion of China’s plywood industry.

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