Comprehensive evaluation of environmental impact of Melamine faced Particleboard

Comprehensive evaluation of environmental impact of Melamine faced Particleboard

Abstract: in order to improve the indoor living environment and solve the problem of peculiar smell of furniture materials, the “subjective and objective evaluation method” was used to explore the impact of Melamine faced particleboard on the indoor environment. Based on digital quantitative method and subjective perception method, the evaluation method can comprehensively and effectively identify the impact of panels on indoor air quality. VOCs and odors released from melamine faced particleboard were studied by gc-ms-olfactory measurement under standard environmental conditions (temperature 23 ℃, relative humidity 40%). At the same time, the release characteristics of TVOC and odor were explored, and the VOCs and odor released from the board were comprehensively evaluated. The results show that: 1) aromatic compounds and esters are the main odor sources of Melamine faced particleboard, aromatic compounds are mostly plant fragrance, esters are mostly fruit fragrance; 2) the odor intensity of different odor characteristic compounds is not directly related to their concentration, but the mass concentration of the same odor characteristic compounds will affect their odor intensity to a certain extent. Size; 3) with the passage of time, the release of aromatic compounds with odor characteristics in Melamine faced particleboard is relatively weakened, and the release of aldehydes, ketones and esters is relatively enhanced; 4) through the analysis of Melamine faced Particleboard in this experiment, it is found that esters and aldehydes, ketones have a greater impact on the living environment; 5) based on the subjective and objective factors, it is recommended to place more than 28 days before use. In order to reduce the impact on indoor living environment.

Keywords: Melamine faced particleboard; volatile organic compounds (VOCs); odor; indoor living environment; comprehensive evaluation

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