Contribute articles to this  Personal Blog

 Contribute articles to this  Personal Blog

All must about wooden panels or its related wood products and furiture industry news

Contribution mailbox: (available document, e-mail)

The format of the contribution (to be sure):


1, if it is an advertisement, please do not Contribute, so as not to waste your time.

2, “the first article” please note, will be a priority review!

3, the message header must add one word , too many messages, without words will be deleted.

4, at the end of (a word) can be written to the advertising information, Alipay information, for the user to reward and author copyright.

5, we must write the copyright information. (if not passed to the forum.)

6, agreement: the original articles for submission will be authorized by  blog and all kinds of self media accounts, website columns, and all kinds of copyright information processing, including 30 licenses. If the article is complains by the user, we have the right to delete the copyright information and avoid other users. In addition, once the article is published, it will not be deleted.

7, the manuscript will generally reply in the 1-3 working days, whether it is accepted or not in the form of email.


Paid articles:


1, the Blog team has paid articles to promote and use articles to promote marketing service (hand pushed to hundreds of platforms, the weight of the websites are high).

2, we also have the news agency service of the 750 mainstream network media in the world.

3, if you do not write the article, we can also help you to write the article.


The benefits of Contributing in this website:


1, your article will be posted on the site or the content partner platform. It may also be published in my new book.

2, the user is true, the article is more carefully read than at the news station.

3, the transmission rate is high, and if it is a good article, it may spread to the large vertical web sites in 1-3 days.

4, the high click rate, the overwhelming majority of articles can exceed 2000-50000 browsing (blog statistics only).

5, you can contribute to one of the  blogs, and it’s likely to be in hundreds of Internet platforms. At present, a bit of information, today’s headlines, NetEase’s cloud reading, ,facebook,twitter,linked in ,google plus ,piinterest ,rice chat, home of the stationmaster .

6, the author of the contributor will also have material rewards. I will send some small gifts  every month, such as the Internet books and  free advsertising sent in the first few months. If there is a sponsor award, you can contact us .

7, open the reader’s reward model, and if the reader feels that your text is valuable, they will pay for it.

8, my detailed criteria for the review of contributions, please see here

Submission requirements:


1, ask yourself, does this article be useful for the user? You think at the user’s point of view first, and think well again.

2, no press releases.

3, no article is the purpose of advertising or promotion.

4, no official flavor of the article (inclined to colloquial, popular articles).

5, no counterfeit original, pirated, flickering articles.

6, telling stories and telling cases are the most favorite types of articles in this websites.

Some other explanations are:


Because it’s a personal station, there is only one article on the main blog every day, so I won’t guarantee that you send it on the same day, sometimes it needs to wait for a long time.

I didn’t return the e-mail, indicating that your writing is good. Just don’t find the right time to publish.

I return mail, there are two types of format, 1 is to tell you that the article has been published, 2 is regrettable that you have not applied.

Don’t run over e-mails  and rush me every day.