Cooperation between plywood supply chains

Cooperation between plywood supply chains

In visiting a few of the most representative plywood customers A supplier enterprises, customers feel a lot of plywood customers and raw material suppliers sincere cooperation strength.

The competitiveness of plywood enterprises is manifested in the aspects of production design, raw materials, workers and equipment integration, especially in the research and development of plywood and quality control.

Quality control depends on the quality assurance of the whole system, the implementation of design and test specifications, and the reliability and feasibility test. Therefore, enterprises set up multiple detection platforms in the production process to ensure the function and reliability of the system.

The factory’s strength in quality work is the traceability and interlocking of raw materials. Traceability can be traced back to any wood-based panel product by the date of its manufacture and according to the bar code (all stations have bar code). Interlock settings refer to the automatic rejection of the next link if one link is not tested.

Quality comes from management, employee satisfaction and structural adjustment, so plywood upgrading can be sustainable. Since many plywood customers have been matched, through the audit, we feel that the wood-based panel enterprises have higher requirements for wood-based panels. Only when the plywood is continuously upgraded and the quality is recognized by high-end customers, can the enterprise survive and develop continuously.

Employees also realize that a strong quality concept is conducive to the improvement of business philosophy, and that quality is the foundation of the existence of enterprises. Only by meeting high quality standards can reliable plywood consistency be achieved.

Become a class A supplier of many plywood customers, so that the enterprise has a sense of achievement. Now, we are thinking, what is the purpose of the enterprise? Is it just to make money? Or become a “respected enterprise”?

The company’s quality management has its own characteristics. The income of quality control staff is linked to the quality of plywood.

Start to establish plywood quality assurance system, from sending customers to support, import complete quality control and management documents, the main staff have 2-3 years of experience and at least two months of training in this department. The company implements the national unified standards and has many advantages in terms of quality. Such as: perfect and unique process flow; unified quality and technical standards and corresponding emergency quality assurance system.

China’s environmentally friendly plywood market is developing very fast. In terms of quality, no matter the improvement of staff quality or the improvement of enterprise management level, it is incredible. Ten years ago, it was unthinkable.

In some respects, the requirements of Chinese wood-based panels enterprises are higher than those of customers, and the quality of some raw materials is better than that of customers.

By exploring the secrets of many plywood customer quality control systems, it is not difficult to understand why the whole line of plywood in this enterprise is very popular! Quality is the life of many plywood customers, and we regard quality as the first priority. Enterprises can sacrifice everything, but they must not sacrifice quality.

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