This veneer composer is designed to scarf-joint veneer sheets of short widths along a parallel-to-grain line and then to cut the jointed sheet into the desired width sheets, for producing core stock for plywood and also veneer sheets for parallel laminated boards.
For splicing, each veneer sheet is scarved or cut bevel at its opposite sides and hotmelt glue is applied to the beveled surfaces to joint together any two adjacent veneer sheet.
The jointed veneer sheet is cut into sheets of a desired format size and delevered to the stacking station.



Jointable veneer length:
(as measured along grain)
Jointable veneer thickness: 2-4mm(or 1.3 to 2mm)
Veneer feeding speed: 30m/min
Width to be cut after jointing: 2,600mm


Log handling,
Veneer peeling,
Veneer drying,
Veneer scarf-jointing,
Core veneer composing,
Face veneer composing,
Veneer patching,
Plywood lay-up,
Plywood pressing,
Panel trimming,
Panel sanding and grading,
Panel repairing,
Panel packaging,
Panel overlaying – Multi opening,
Panel overlaying – Short cycle,

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