Current Situation and Future Trend of Home Artificial Panel Industry in China in 2019

Current Situation and Future Trend of Home Artificial Panel Industry in China in 2019

With the dual drive of national policy and consumer market, the transformation and upgrading of China’s home-based panel industry is imperative. Artificial board market tends to be standardized, enters a new stage of green environmental protection, and has obvious brand advantages. It has become the three major trends of the development of China’s green home panel industry.

With the rising demand for customized home furnishings and the strengthening of consumers’awareness of green environment protection, the transformation and upgrading of related wood-based panels and home decoration enterprises are forced. Faced with industry shuffling, only by adopting green environmental protection and product innovation iteration with consumer demand, can we meet the needs of the development of home furnishing industry and consumption upgrading.

With the improvement of economic level and the trend of consumption upgrading, Chinese household products have gradually shifted from function-driven consumption to the stage of pursuing quality, emotional expression and paying attention to health and environmental protection, among which the demand for healthy consumption is particularly prominent. Therefore, how to continuously meet the green household consumption needs of contemporary Chinese people through wood-based panel material innovation, design iteration and green smart building has become a common consideration of the current Chinese furniture manufacturing enterprises.

Green upgrade of household panel industry is imminent

At present, the demand of consumers for green living is increasingly prominent. Under the trend of “live-as-you-install”, the green environment protection of home furnishings is becoming more and more important, which also forces consumers to put forward higher green demand for home products and decoration materials.

In addition, the promotion of consumer’s green living demand promotes the environmental protection reform of household and home decoration industry to deepen continuously. More and more enterprises increase their investment in product green environment protection, further cater to consumption orientation, and realize green transformation.

Three major factors trigger the green upgrading of the industry

As an upstream enterprise of home furnishing, the upgrading of man-made board industry has become an important part of downstream industry competition. The environmental protection reform of the wood-based panel industry has enabled the green transformation and upgrading of the home furnishing industry. The raw materials have taken the lead in realizing the green transformation and creating the green ecology of the whole home industry chain.

1. Increasing plate consumption and expanding market scale

As the world’s second largest timber consumer and the largest timber importer, China’s total timber consumption has increased.

Application field of wood-based panels

In the total output value of furniture, wood furniture accounts for 64%, of which wood-based panel furniture accounts for 40%, solid wood furniture 24%. Metal furniture and other types of furniture accounted for 19% and 17% respectively. In the application field of wood-based panels, 25% are brand customized, 35% are finished furniture, and 40% are handmade/decoration companies.

From the data, it can be seen that with the development of China’s national decoration market, the market scale of the panel industry is expanding continuously, and the consumption and application of wood-based panels in the home and home decoration industries continue to rise. The wood-based panels industry presents a new development trend.

2. Development Trend of Sheet Metal Industry

As the upstream industry of home furnishing and home decoration industry, the transformation and upgrading of wood-based panel industry is very important. How to meet the growing demand for home furnishing and the increasingly prominent ecological protection needs through material innovation and efficiency enhancement has become a common consideration of the upstream and downstream of China’s furniture industry.

Current Situation of Home Panel Industry in China

1. Driven by national policy and consumer market, the wood-based panel industry has suffered a lot.

At the consumer side, people’s demand for green environmental protection is increasing, and at the policy side, the supervision of the wood-based panel industry by the State Department is also increasing. From the introduction of environmental protection law to environmental protection supervision, the wood-based panel industry has been strongly shocked.

2. A new round of industry shuffling is imminent, transformation and upgrading is imperative.

On the one hand, the policy of environmental protection has caused a heavy blow to the enterprises using inferior materials, on the other hand, it is also an important opportunity for the transformation and upgrading of the wood-based panel industry. It is a good opportunity for enterprises that insist on the selection of environmental protection and high-quality materials to break through. At the same time, this has also led to the shuffling of the artificial board industry. If the artificial board enterprises do not want to be eliminated by the market, they must actively respond to the national policy, select environmental protection products, carry out environmental protection production, and improve product quality. A new round of industry shuffling has arrived, accelerating the environmental protection revolution of enterprises, and the transformation and upgrading of the wood-based panel industry is imperative.

Trend 1: Man-made board market tends to be standardized

Under the strict implementation of national policies and regulatory authorities, many enterprises that have problems of environmental protection standards of wood-based panels and adhesives failing to meet the standards and incomplete production and environmental protection procedures are facing rectification or elimination, leaving behind high-quality enterprises that attach importance to environmental protection and good production.

Under the leadership of these high-quality enterprises, the plate market will also tend to be standardized, which will help the healthy development of the plate industry in the future, and also provide protection for consumers’green living needs.

Trend 2: Entering the Stage of Green Environmental Protection

With the improvement of consumption demand and the supervision of national policies, the use of inferior materials in enterprises has been restricted, forcing the artificial board enterprises to choose stable and environmentally friendly materials and adhesives. The environmental protection of the artificial board industry will enter a new stage, from the production process, production equipment and quality management and terminal products of the enterprises. Design, performance and so on, to achieve the environmental protection of the whole industry chain, into a new era of green environmental protection of sheet metal.

Trend 3: Green Plate Brand Advantage is Obvious

On the one hand, it is the high pressure situation brought by environmental standards and supervision, on the other hand, it is the operating pressure brought by the rising prices of raw materials, and the survival and development of the wood-based panel industry has encountered unprecedented difficulties. The plate industry needs to select and produce products that meet the environmental protection standards, so the marketing cost is bound to rise, and the price increase of products has become a new normal.

In this context, consumers’brand awareness will be further enhanced. In addition, under the influence of the national economy and consumption upgrading, consumers are more willing to pay for quality and brand. Under the normal situation that the overall price of man-made panels is rising, consumers have a higher degree of trust and preference for large brands, and the brand advantage of panels will become stronger. Additionally, the brand building of wood-based panel enterprises is of great urgency.


With the escalation of consumer demand and the return of enterprise competition to the origin of products, how to provide consumers with products that meet the needs of contemporary green and healthy human settlements? Therefore, the green transformation and upgrading of customized household and finished furniture enterprises is imperative. Whether it is an opportunity or a crisis for enterprises depends on how enterprises adjust their strategies and respond to market changes in a timely manner.

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