Damaged formwork Film faced plywood Repair

Damaged formwork Film faced plywood Repair

No damage is like the other.  For the worse damages with bigger scratches and holes ,You know the problems of daily business on building and concrete site, Damages and scratches of the Surface of shuttering boards film faced plywood from tie holes, drillings, concentrators, impression marks, nail holes, damages due to transport, lift forks etc. cannot be avoided even when working very carefully.

If damages of the film faced plywood concrete panels  surface of shutterings are not repaired professionally before using the shuttering again, the concrete surface will show the outlines of the damage.   The marks on the formwork surface have to be removed mechanically under immense effort. Repeatedly used unrepaired shuttering leads to even more costly repairing of the surface of concrete due to even deeper damages on the formwork surface each time.

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