Debate on how many times FFP can be used

Debate on how many times FFP can be used关于FFP能使用多少次的辩论


In fact,for  many buyers, they are faced with different builders, they do not know what quality plywood is needed, they only care about the price of the product, the description of quality is generally very vague. But when quality problems arrived , their claims are clear. So this point, for suppliers, when making contracts, we must be very clear about the customer’s quality requirements, and write on the order.


China’s FFP quality level is very many, production technology, raw materials, no exaggeration, more than any other country, and very complex.


One time forming, two times forming, three times  forming…also called one time hot press ,two times hot pressing ,three times hot press


First Generation FFP


Second generation of FFP.


Even third generations of FFP


The price difference can range from $20 to $80/cbm  .

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