Decorative Surfaces inspections and quality control

Decorative Surfaces inspections and quality control

Decorative Surfaces are unbelievably textured materials reflecting the luxe look of embossed leathers and skins, melamine papers ,vinyl films in high gloss colorations and simulated wood grains, high-pressure laminates plus a fresh take on ceramic tiles that are all designer-infused for a dramatic effect.

Modern laminate countertops offer a broad range of looks and are available in patterns and colors that can mimic luxurious natural stone. Transform spaces with laminates that are as beautiful as they are durable. Mix and match solids, graphic patterns, and finishes.

A full range of textures and finishes to help you create the look you desire, with the latest products and technologies available.The selection of decorative surfaces allows for the warmth of a deep woodgrain or the visual impact of a high gloss panel to suit your style. Whether you are looking for Prism, Egger, Panolam TFL or Uniboard, The markets have it all. From TFL to HPL to FRP and FRL .

Decorative surfaces are used on virtually every type of exposed surface be it kitchen, bath and storage cabinets, office or residential furniture, and increasingly on feature walls, all of which combine to create the desired living or work environment. The surfaces are available in natural wood, reclaimed wood, and composite or synthetic. Synthetics may be deeply embossed to provide textures that mimic Mother Nature, or satiny smooth or high gloss to reflect light and enhance colour.

Decorative Surfaces address a broad range of criteria important to designers and end-users: design, color, surface texture, quality, functionality, and durability. Material cost and life cycle costs are also a factor in determining which material is best suited for an application. A final and very important consideration is the very reliable suppliers standing behind our products ensuring the timely supply of top quality consistent materials.

We invite you to review the Decorative Surfaces collection and encourage you to meet with very knowledgeable staff to discuss all supply options.

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