Details to be paid attention to when laminationing medium density boards

Details to be paid attention to when laminationing medium density boards

Medium density board lamination: Simply speaking, it is a decorative board made from the surface of medium density board with other materials attached by process treatment.

MDF lamination is generally divided into three types: melamine lamination, wood lamination, PVC / PU lamination.

At present, melamine lamination is the most widely used: paper with different colors or textures is soaked in melamine resin adhesives, then dried to a certain degree of curing, it is paved on the surface of the substrate, hot-pressed decorative board. According to the color of lamination can be divided into: black, white, cherry red, beech grain, Manchurian ash, oak… According to the surface treatment of melamine paper can be divided into: smooth, linen (rough linen, fine linen, flax), relief (large relief and small relief). According to the technology, it can be divided into double stickers, single stickers, hot stickers and cold stickers.

lamination medium density board is also called paint-free board, decorative panel and ecological board. The specific process is as follows:

Hot-pressing lamination: The paper impregnated with glue is pasted on the surface of MDB by high temperature and high pressure technology.

Cold-pressed lamination: at room temperature and pressure, after brushing white latex on the surface, lamination paper (divided into manual pasting and drum pasting);

Paste PVC paper: Under normal temperature and pressure, after spraying “fish ball gum” on the board surface, roll the PVC paper;

Plastic-absorbing finish: It is a kind of pasting PVC paper. First, it sprays “fish bead gum” on the surface of MDB, then heates the PVC paper with high temperature, and then sucks and pastes the PVC paper on the surface of MDB with negative pressure machine after softening.

Ordinary paint finish: use polyester paint or nitro paint brush or spray on the surface of the board, natural air-drying;

Printing decoration: direct printing pattern on the surface of medium density board, which belongs to a kind of paint decoration;

Baking varnish finish: high-temperature baking varnish is used to spray on the surface of MDF, and baked at high temperature after low-temperature drying.

What details should we pay attention to when laminationing the MDB?

Moderate pressure: generally 2-3 MPa, too low influence the bond strength between the base material and impregnated paper, too high damage to the board.

Hot pressing time: Depending on the curing speed and hot pressing temperature of impregnated resin, it is generally advisable to cure the resin in 40-50s. Over-long time will cause excessive curing and loss of elasticity, resulting in cracks, warps, short time, insufficient curing of resin, which will easily lead to sticking phenomenon, and affect the surface performance of the product and the durability of the product.

Processing base material: flat board surface, uniform sanding, water content control in 6%~10%, high water content leads to blistering, stratification and other phenomena in lamination process, low water content leads to poor surface wetting and cardboard stratification during hot pressing, density control in 680~880.

Corresponding technology: When the sheet is hot-pasted, if it is produced by domestic line, it can only be single-pasted, not double-pasted. Otherwise, it is easy to burst. If it is the sheet produced by imported line, it can be double-pasted.

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