Dialogue and Exchange
Dialogue and Exchange

Dialogue and Exchange can fix problems (Vietnam and China Plywood Grading system)

Dialogue and Exchange can fix problems (Vietnam and China Plywood Grading system)

Many vietnamess and Chinese and USA importers looking to Dialogue and Exchange to solve today’s Differences in quality standards problems.Because many American companies require Chinese quality inspectors to help them control the quality of plywood in Vietnam, I heard last month that a plywood factory in Vietnam beat up Chinese quality inspectors.We don’t know it is true or not ,hope it is just a rumor .

I believe Dialogue and communications are the most enduring power .

Exchanges and dialogues among different countries and plywood production regions could calm people down, and help people learn from the long plywood quality control and grading history, learn from the mutual understanding, transcend various disputes and contradictions, find the key to solve today’s challenges, and consolidate the quality standards foundation to build the shared grading system .

we should enhance our self-confidence in our quality control and wood based panels grading system, strengthen exchanges and cooperation, and contribute wisdom to solving our own problems and the problems of the modern world .

We believe that the USA buyers requested chinese plywood QC to make quality control and inspection in vietnam just because they have a long history fo purchasing in China and the chinese QC they know very well the real quality requirement of the USA plywood standards . The parties exchanged views on strengthening exchanges on grading rules and inspection and have reached some consensuses.

It’s believed that different plywood people from countries, different markets and different production bases must insist on mutual respect and equality, insist on openness, tolerance and mutual learning, and oppose all forms of xenophobia in different plywood people .

Many people in our industry speculate or predict a practical problem. When Vietnamese plywood factories are familiar with and understand the real American plywood requirements, that is, when Chinese plywood quality inspectors exit the Vietnamese market. Compared with a year ago, this phenomenon has begun to appear a lot of Vietnamese plywood purchasers and quality control personnel. I believe that American companies will gradually take into account the various procurement and competition costs.

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