Die board plywood inspection

Die cutting industry require   tight plywood board thickness tolerance, laser compatible glue and consistent flatness of the panel.

In addition to meeting key industry specifications  features ultimate flatness and best quality veneers with minimum defects for both face and core. For the die makers who require highest quality standards.

*Dieboard – is equipment for cutting from various sheet materials – plywood, cardboard, polymers, etc.

When inspect the die board plywood ,thickness tolerance is very important ,flatness and smoothness ,no core voids and overlaps ,can not have any blisters or delamination .Every layer should be same thickness .

This plywood is manufactured for special use in carton and corrugated carton industry for making dies.Very important requirements for this plywood are flatness and thickness tolerance.Die board manufacturers prefer to buy Interior plywood for die board production. Another very important requirement for this plywood is thickness tolerance.
Birch plywood for die board production thickness calibrated with thickness tolerance +/-0,3 mm.


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