Difference between High Density Fiberboard and Medium Density Fiberboard

Difference between High Density Fiberboard and Medium Density Fiberboard

Fiber density board (FDB) is a kind of artificial board made of wood fibers or other plant fibers, urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesives, which is made by crushing and pressing wood, branches and other objects after soaking in water.

According to its density, it can be divided into high density board, medium density board and low density board. The density of low density board is less than 450 kg/cubic meter, the density of medium density board is 450 kg-600 kg/cubic meter, and the density of high density board is 600 kg-900 kg/cubic meter. It can be seen that the difference between medium density board and high density board is mainly in density, of course, different density will also lead to price difference.

The use of high density board is different from that of medium density board. High density board is used for interior and exterior decoration, as well as for antistatic floor, guard wall board, anti-theft door, wall board and partition board in computer room. Medium density board is used for furniture, because high density board is easy to crack, there is no way to make furniture, but the shortcoming is poor waterproof.

To sum up, the two can not say which is better, their respective uses are different.

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