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Difference between non-standard customized and standard customized film face plywood

Difference between non-standard customized and standard customized film face plywood

Standard customization refers to the selective cabinet customization under the specifications specified by the film faced plywood factory. Its size cannot exceed the standard module set by the film faced plywood factory. Once the size deviates or does not match, it will be extremely troublesome for consumers and the film faced plywood factory, On the one hand, the technology is a great challenge for the mass-produced standard customized film face plywood factory. On the other hand, for consumers, if they want to carry out non-standard customization on the basis of standard customization, the price and time cost are extremely high.

Especially the customization of film paper printing, such as the famous arserplex, marineplex, etc…

Non standard Customization: as the name suggests, non-standard customization refers to non-standard customization. The professional interpretation is that it is not limited to any standards and modules, and can be customized on demand. Unlike standardized customization, the application scope of non-standard customization is obviously wider. It can not only be used for standardized customization, but also provide customized services of special sizes and parts for more luxury villas.

With the gradual development of customized film face plywood, non-standard customization has increasingly become a necessary element for high-end customization brands to enhance market competitiveness and achieve long-term development. Non standard customized products are significantly different from standardized customized products in size, but non-standard products are not special-shaped. Both non-standard customization and standard customization have their own characteristics.

▼ standard function customization – quickly seize the market and maximize brand expansion

For enterprises, standard customization can greatly improve the production efficiency of film face plywood factory in the shortest time, reduce production costs, and directly promote the price of customized products to decline, so as to benefit consumers; Therefore, under the influence of all external factors such as the brand and the film factory plywood factory business model, on the basis of products of the same quality, generally speaking, the non-standard price is much higher than the standardized customization.

▼ non standard customization – diversified product production, reaching consumers in an all-round way

Non standard customization is not without standards, but a new personalized customization formed in addition to the original standard customization. For many luxury houses, non-standard customization is undoubtedly the best choice. Whether it is the particularity of the structure of luxury houses, the personalized needs of consumers for home decoration, or from the cost accounting, non-standard customization has absolute advantages in the large structure and personalized luxury house market.

From the current market of film face plywood industry, when facing the two product positioning of “standard customization” and “non-standard customization”, the final business model is also different. In just a few years, when the brand is exposed, the business model can be copied on a large scale, and quickly seize the national market; On the other hand, the “non-standard customization” enterprises led by customization always adhere to direct operation. On the one hand, non-standard can not realize quantitative production. On the other hand, once the enterprise production is quantified, it will be greatly reduced in terms of product quality, production cycle, after-sales installation and so on. For enterprises under such direct mode, although the pace of development will be relatively slow, the brand often has more control over the product reputation.

The customized film face plywood market has started for a long time, but I believe that in the near future, the strong technical support, standardized system, high-quality products and considerate services behind it can really make customization flourish; Both non-standard customization and standard customization should come out of the market, really focus on customers and provide personalized and perfect customization services for every user.

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