Differentiation between Australian MDP and MDF

Differentiation between Australian MDP and MDF

Recently, many customers have consulted about the problem of Australian medium density board. Australian medium density board and medium density board look like each other. So, what’s the difference between Australian medium density board and medium density board?

In fact, in the final analysis, Australian medium density board is also a kind of medium density board, their production process is exactly the same, but the raw material of Australian medium density board is Radiation pine logs, and density board is made by wood or plant fiber separation, paving, hot pressing and other processes, which fundamentally determines the appearance and sex of Australian medium density board and density board. The difference in energy.

From the appearance, compared with ordinary MDF, it has higher density, longer fibers, better strength and smoothness, and its color is light yellow. In fact, the simple way to distinguish the Australian MDF from the density board is that the Australian MDF has pine flavor, yellowing color, uniform density, while the ordinary density board, the surface of the density board is white, and the fiber inside is very thick.

Density board

From the performance point of view, compared with the density board, the Australian medium density board has a good balanced structure, smooth edges and excellent mechanical properties, with good strength and stability, so it is used in the field of export high-quality furniture production.

Reminds you that the Australian MDF is only a non-standard commodity name, not all imported from Australia, domestic Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Shandong, including southeastern Ningguo wood industry and other places have production, so consumers need to master the basic knowledge when purchasing building materials, can not be misled by manufacturers or guides.

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