Distribution of Plywood Major Producing Areas in China

Distribution of Plywood Major Producing Areas in China

The plywood industry is mainly concentrated in East China, accounting for 62.9%, South China 19.1%, and Jiangsu, Shandong and Guangxi account for 60% of the national output. There are tens of thousands of plywood enterprises in our country, with a very low concentration, less than 0.3% of large-scale and enterprise groups. However, the industry is constantly improving. Firstly, more and more enterprises are using formaldehyde-free glue. Secondly, enterprises have increased their R&D efforts, adjusted their product structure, and thirdly, small enterprises are gradually closed down.

China’s plywood industry is developing rapidly and the overall situation is good, but it still encounters anti-dumping complaints from the European Union, the United States and other importing countries. Moreover, in 2017, the efforts of environmental protection will continue to increase. Therefore, China’s plywood enterprises and industry organizations must strengthen communication with importers, strengthen enterprise self-discipline, standardize export management order, and increase environmental protection productivity. In 2017, the policy of “one belt and one road” has been deepened, and the scale of infrastructure construction along the border has been expanding. This has stimulated the demand of plywood and highlighted the development potential of China’s plywood market, which is undoubtedly a great opportunity for China’s plywood industry.

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