Distribution of Plywood Manufacturers in China

Distribution of Plywood Manufacturers in China

1. Linyi City, Shandong Province

Linyi is the “China’s Plate Capital” and the largest plywood and trade production base in China. The production of plywood, veneer panels, science and technology wood, etc., has formed a series of products with plywood, density board, particleboard, veneer panels and building templates as the leading products, as well as flooring, furniture and other categories.

2. Pizhou City, Jiangsu Province

The main agglomeration area of plywood in China is known as “the town of Chinese plate”. There are plenty of plates in the town. There is a saying that “the world plate looks at China, the Chinese plate looks at Pizhou, and the Pizhou plate looks at Guanhu”. It is the national production base of high-quality wood-based panels.

3. Guigang City, Guangxi Province

Known as the “Southern China Plate Capital” title. The production of plywood accounts for 60% of the total output of Guangxi, and the export of wood accounts for 50% of the total output of Guangxi. It has become an important plywood, veneer production and processing base and forest product distribution center in China.

4. Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province

The Largest Pine Plywood Production Base in China

5. Zuogezhuang, Hebei

Zuogezhuang in Hebei Province mainly produces multi-layer sheets with hundreds of specifications and varieties.

6, Guangdong

The development of plywood in Guangdong started in the 1990s.

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