Do you understand these points about the whole house customized panel selection?

Do you understand these points about the whole house customized panel selection?

Nowadays, more and more people choose the whole house customization, and the plate as the cornerstone of the whole house customization is the most concerned point of many consumers. Better plate can make a firm and durable home, but you know what? Now there are endless plate problems in the market.

Nowadays, environmental protection consciousness has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts. The environmental protection performance of household materials can not be ignored. The components of customized household are sheets, including board and edge. These are important sources of methanol. Paint-free boards can be selected because they do not need painting, so there are no harmful substances such as methanol, and the environmental protection performance is better. The wardrobe made of high-temperature combination will not have any taste basically, so many friends will choose this material to make wardrobes.

Now the market is more popular tatatami recommended the use of solid wood environmental protection material, this solid wood material has good moisture resistance and corrosion resistance, used in our bedroom, improve comfort and practicability, maintain the texture of space beds and wardrobes.

Solid wood particulate board is mainly made of small diameter timber, thinning timber, wood core, board skin, branches and other raw materials, which are crushed and compressed. This kind of board is most widely used in custom furniture industry. Its advantages are natural wood, relatively high density, not easy to deform, relatively good nail holding force, and can be disassembled and assembled many times. But the disadvantage is poor plasticity, can only be made flat, the surface can not be modeled.

The main bedroom wardrobe, I suggest that the use of solid wood board, wardrobe rational design, after all, wardrobe we used to store clothes, in order to play a good moisture-proof effect, as well as to install the weight of the lever, choose solid wood density of the board, more long-term use of wardrobes. About the bedroom window with cabinet, you can not choose so expensive board, you can use particulate board, this kind of board looks like real wood, but is only a composite board, after all, the floating window cabinet with fewer boards, with solid wood is relatively expensive, and we are mainly decoration.

Believe that you have a detailed understanding of customized sheets, home is a happy harbour, only choose the right products can enjoy a high-quality home life!

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