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01. Application

Dongwha Coated Paper Overlaid Board (COB), is a decorative paper laminated on MDF designed for a wide range of interior furnishing and joinery applications. Such applications include face panels for lightweight furniture construction, cabinet backing panels, drawer bottoms as well as wall and ceiling linings.

COB combines the style of a range decorative films and the versatility and workability of Dongwha MDF to create unequaled opportunities for many industries to design and construct a wide range of professionally finished products.

COB is laminated in a range of Dongwha MDF substrates. Selection of a suitable substrate will be dependent upon the specific design application.

Dongwha has taken particular care in selecting matching paper with its designs of MFB. As such, Dongwha offers a total solution for facing and backing applications.

02. Specification

<Surface properties of Coated Paper Overlaid Board>

detail view
Abrasion & Chemical Test Amino Coating
Wear & Tear 80 Round
Adhesives Tape Pulling 5 Time
Solvent Rubbing (MEK) 5 Time
Acid No Change
Alkali Alcohol No Change
Stain Resistant Test
Duration 4 Hours
Blue Ink Found Slight Stain
Black Marker Found Slight Stain
Red Crayon Found Slight Stain
Stain Resistant Test
Duration 6 Hours
Sauce Found Slight Stain
Vinegar No Fault or Observed on Sample
Salad Oil No Fault or Observed on Sample
Bleacher Found Slight Stain
Curry Found Slight Stain
Acetic Cleaning Detergent Found Slight Stain
Anti-Rust Found Slight Stain
Stain Resistant Test
Duration 4 Hours
Solvent Found Slight Stain
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