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Dongwha Melamine Faced Board (MFB) Inspection,Quality control,sourcing,factory auditing ,testing ,import and Export consultant ,Buying Guide ,Manufacturing

01. Application

Dongwha Melamine Faced Board (MFB) is decorative MDF wood panel laminated with melamine paper of various design or color.

MFB provides a pre-finished hard surface that is ready to install, easy to maintain, stain and scratch resistant. It is widely used for offices, kitchen cabinets and home furniture.

02. Specification

<Surface Properties of Melamine Faced Board>

detail view
Mechanical Properties Test Method Unit Average values
Paper weight GSM 70 – 110
Flammability DIN 51960 K1
Porosity Graphite 0
Abrasion waterthrough (FP) EN 438-2, CS17 R Woodgrain > 100 revolutions
Solid color > 450 revolutions
Impact resistance ASTMD 1037 Pass 650mm drop
Scratch resistance EN 438-2, 14 N 2.5
Cigarette burn EN 438-2, 18 No change
Steam EN 438-2, 24 No change
Stain / Ethanol DIN68861B 1
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